Questions, questions...

If you have any questions not covered below, and especially if you have any better answers, please get in touch .

Why would the drivers use them ?
Tourist Preference

If tourists saw them in use and perhaps increasingly preferred to use cidomos that had them over ones that didn't, that would help a lot.

Once a few cidomos had them and tourists got the idea, perhaps it might snowball all by itself.

Resort Preference

Resorts cold say they would only use cidomos with PonyShades or at least choose them over others but that might get them in trouble.

Perhaps resorts could sponsor some and give them to the drivers that service them.

Driver Preference

You never know, the drivers might like the look of them.

Empathy for a fellow mammal

Let's just go with the reasons above.

How big does it need to be ?

No cidomos here, I've estimated the the sail would need to be around 2m long to finish just above the pony's ears, and the width of a cidomo's roof to be about 1.2m.

Need to measure an average smallish-pony attached to a cidomo, maybe just under 2m from ears to cidomo roof ?

Confirmation or correction of those would be handy, if you can provide more accurate dimensions please get in touch , thanks.

Pony considerations ?

Might it spook the ponies if they saw the sail above their heads ?

Any other things to watch out for in terms of the welfare of the ponies ?

Who handles the money ?

Some established, goodly and well-trusted body like the Gili Eco Trust might be prepared to, if asked super-nicely.

There would have to be a basic set of accounts to publish on this site to assure folk that the money was being spent properly.

If you are any good at doing books and prepared to help, please get in touch .

What does it cost the driver ?

Nothing, they'd be supplied for free, paid for by donations and sponsorship.

As to who decides which drivers get them, no idea.

Obviously something would have to prevent people taking more than one and selling them or sleeping in them or whatever.

What about a proper domain name ?

This is hosted at a temporary address for now.

We could take '', or '' might be better since it's non-profit; both are available.

If this goes anywhere I'll fund the hosting and pay for the domain for a year.

What has happened so far ?

Right now this is just an idea with nothing much behind it, but there are things in motion with the main component of it, the fabric sail.

We have a potential supplier who can definitely make them in bulk and also have anything printed on custom ones.

This site will be updated with news, better diagrams, photographs and other updates if and when things start to develop.

Who makes a profit from this ?

Nobody at all.

Well, apart from the local companies that make the sails and supply the bamboo.

This isn't a business of any kind, nobody will ever be paid for helping or have any of their expenses paid from the money raised.

All the money raised will go to raw materials, sewing the sails and moving them to where they need to go.

If more money were to be raised than was needed, unlikely as it sounds, no more money would be collected and the excess would be donated to the Gili Eco Trust.

Is this on Facebook or any of Satan's other platforms ?

No, but obviously feel free to talk about it there and link to here.

If a presence on there would help, which arguably it would, then maybe it should happen.

If you want to help with that, great, but please get in touch before setting one up.

Who gets credit for this ?

Whomever contributes in some way and wants some.

There could be an accreditations or 'thanks to' page here that people and businesses can be on and link to from their web site if it would help.