How can I help ?

If you can help with any of the below, please get in touch .

A supplier for the sails is probably sorted and there's a chap who might be up for doing some artwork, but the things below are needed.

Can you draw ?

Please volunteer to make way better images than the existing dodgy artwork.

A decent hand drawn picture or three of the proposed apparatus from different angles would be great.

Can you supply bamboo poles ?

We need prices and a supplier for bamboo poles around 2.5-3m long. They need to be thick enough to flex slightly but not be wobbly, so are fairly stiff when tied down to the wooden cidomo struts.

Can you create a decent logo ?

Please do, some kind of logo and other artwork would be great.

Do you know the politics of the whole cidomo thing ?

If you could help us to go about this without offending or insulting the drivers and/or whomever runs the whole cidomo thing in various places, please get in touch .

Do you know a cidomo driver who might be keen to test one out ?

We'll need to trial the first few generations of the thing, iron out problems, get the size of the sail and the lebgth and springiness of the bamboo right; so a driver or two testing them out at various points will be essential.

At no cost to them of course, with no commitment to keep using it.

Have you any ideas for improving the design of the thing ?

Please get in touch with any ideas about how to make it cheaper, easier to fit, more sturdy or hard-wearing; while keeping it super-easy to repair or replace, and keeping costs down.

Are you a decent photographer ?

A photographer would be really handy once we start getting them fitted, please get in touch if you'd like to help.

Do you want to donate hard cash or sponsor one or more cidomos ?

Bloody marvellous, please get in touch !

To be clear, we'd not accept any money until there's a safe place for it to go and a properly costed plan. Nothing is costing much at this point so no need yet.

Right now it's more a case of just telling us you might be prepared to help. We'll get back to you when we have prototypes working, with photos on this site of what we've done so far and are ready to do the first production run.