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Systems Analysis

The essential basis of developing any business system is an analysis of the real-world entities, structures and processes that the software needs to replicate.

Why do analysis ?

Pouncing straight into coding without a proper analysis, and the formulation of a technical design that satisfies the business requirements is a rather like setting off on an ocean voyage without a map or GPS, and only a vague idea of where you intend to end up.

Saving time & money

Time invested in analysis and design at the outset is more than paid back in reduced rework of software that simply does not do the job it needs to.

Streamlining and re-thinking

Typically any business will have evolved a numer of processes that need to be covered by a new piece of software, some of these processes may be compromises that were forced by existing systems, or now-defunct restrictions. Decisions need to be made about which processes still need to be the way they are, and which would benefit from streamlining, or approaching from a different angle.

Not looking stupid

....essentially not showing up to a ballet audition in tap shoes... close... nearly right... but you still look like a dick.

How can I help ?

I have decades of experience in analysing systems and creating designs for numerous small businesses and large corporations such as American Express, Barclaycard, United Distillers, Travis Perkins, the UK Police Force and Inland Revenue.

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