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What's a Cidomo ?

A cidomo is a traditional pony-drawn cart used widely across Indonesia to transport people and goods around. They're mainly seen on islands with no motorised transport but are also in some towns and cities.

The ponies typically spend their entire day harnessed up and working in direct sunlight, both when on the move and generally also when stationary. Apart from just being uncomfortable and adding to their exhaustion, this exacerbates problems with dehydration and means the ponies get less benefit from any water they are given.

Here are lots of photos of ponies and cidomos if you'd like to see more.

What are PonyShades ?

PonyShades are intended to provide some much-needed shade that moves around with the pony. It's a simple assembly of a slightly porous fabric sail held taut between two bamboo rods held directly above the pony, secured to ends of the wooden shafts on either side of the pony by a pair of strings or bungee cords.

This would provide the pony with shade over its body, neck and head especially during the hours of the day when the sun is directly above and at its most itense. It would also give partial shade for the rest of the day.

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